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Developing Ninja Skills for New Components

I love getting new part notices from Mouser, DigiKey, and Arrow. Really, is there anyone that doesn't want to get notifications about new shiny bits-and-bobs?

3D Printing: Hardware Saturation / Dew Point

The Internets abound with variations on a theme... a box with some sparkly bits inside that extrudes fusible material layer upon layer - a 3D printer.

Sustainable Futures in 3D Printing

A few years back I did some work for Bayer Material Science (BMS) on a mission-critical inventory management system ...for aspirin right?

TAG Connect 2 DIP Bridge Board

Are you using TAG Connect in / with your PCB designs? Would you like to start using it on a breadboard as well? Here's the adapter for the 6-pin legged or non-legged cable.

Quantity orders? Send your request to support [ at ] quilix [ dot ] com.

Wireless Bridge for the Raspberry Pi

More information coming soon!

pIO microSD Adapter for the Raspberry Pi

Did you miss the Kickstarter? No problem... orders for North and South America are now available via PayPal (purchasing options below). Orders for Europe, Asia, and other destinations are available via the ModMyPi website (http://modmypi.com). Or try Bitcrafts on Etsy.

Ultimate Keyboard / Mouse Combo for the Raspberry Pi

I've had no luck finding a keyboard that I like... one that is trouble-free - I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!

Raspberry Pi and the Arduino IDE

I've been working on a USB dongle for Raspberry Pi - a wireless bridge between it and and an Arduino.

Raspberry Pi Falls in Love with Node.JS

What was the first thing I did with my Raspberry Pi?

RC Telemetry for Mere Mortals with easyRadio

I'm looking forward to calm summer days 'buzzing' the neighbors dog, dropping markers on targets, and imagining what it would be like to fly a real plane. This year though... I've decided to experiment with telemetry.

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