Maker Faire Kiosk Challenge 2014

Early wood model... wood bends better to my will than software (sometimes).

Final Maker Faire Kiosk SketchUp model - produced while listening to Peter Roe's The Merry-Go-Round.


In the style of Pip-Boy... PiBOY aims to make men out of boys.

Red Rover... Red Rover...

Send your robots right over!

Good Things Come in Small Blinky Packages

In a world of ginormous displays… it’s nice to see someone innovate on a smaller scale.

Losing Weight with the Adafruit Diet

What do you get when you cross an animatronic pumpkin with a telepresence cat ...not enough UARTS. And to that I say, "Boooo!"

Instructables Toy Competition - 1st Place!

The results are in for the Istructables Toy Contest - wowzers!

3D Print Cup Competition

I was trollin' the Twitter-pipes... and saw a post from @clothbot about a 3D printing competition - do tell!

Non-blocking Operations on Arduino

No stinkin' library needed....

Meet ROBO1010

It's been 14 months since I started working on this project... and it's ready for some critique. It's a robot... which seems simple enough right?

Developing Ninja Skills for New Components

I love getting new part notices from Mouser, DigiKey, and Arrow. Really, is there anyone that doesn't want to get notifications about new shiny bits-and-bobs?

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