3D Printing Resources

3D printing is a transformative technology... it is changing how everyone thinks about product design, development, and manufacturing. Some say that it's the Next Industrial Revolution.

Maker Faire Kiosk Challenge 2014

Early wood model... wood bends better to my will than software (sometimes).

Final Maker Faire Kiosk SketchUp model - produced while listening to Peter Roe's The Merry-Go-Round.


In the style of Pip-Boy... PiBOY aims to make men out of boys.

Red Rover... Red Rover...

Send your robots right over!

Good Things Come in Small Blinky Packages

In a world of ginormous displays… it’s nice to see someone innovate on a smaller scale.

Losing Weight with the Adafruit Diet

What do you get when you cross an animatronic pumpkin with a telepresence cat ...not enough UARTS. And to that I say, "Boooo!"

Instructables Toy Competition - 1st Place!

The results are in for the Istructables Toy Contest - wowzers!

3D Print Cup Competition

I was trollin' the Twitter-pipes... and saw a post from @clothbot about a 3D printing competition - do tell!

Non-blocking Operations on Arduino

No stinkin' library needed....

Meet ROBO1010

It's been 14 months since I started working on this project... and it's ready for some critique. It's a robot... which seems simple enough right?

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