RADiuS v1.0 - easyRadio Advanced Arduino Shield

What is the RADiuS? It's an Open Hardware Arduino-compatible shield for the easyRadio Advanced RF Module from Low Power Radio Solutions.

HTML5: AS3 Scripting Host

Imagine being able to script in HTML5 with whatever language floats your boat... JavaScript, ActionScript, AppleScript... too good to be true?

Molehill Molecule Viewer Redux

You gotta' be careful what you say in blog posts - things like, "it shouldn't be hard to make x do y" typically lead to emails asking you how to do it. Then again, I do love a challenge!

Making a Mountain of Molecules with Molehill

I apologize for the alliteration... and molehill / mountain reference; I couldn't resist. Here is a sample of what Molehill means for the Flash Player and an early look at Away3D 4 (broomstick).

Flex Apple-Franken-Remote

Toolie, is my Apple remote. The buttons were barely working. I can rebuild it. I have the technology. I can make it better than it was. Microcontroller driven... web enabled... with a Flash UI.

FlexTASTIC Home Automation

Home automation / smart homes used to be something only the rich and famous could afford. Today...

Building a Big Bad Build Button

I'm a long time Arduino fan / tinkerer... and as a hobbyist I've always been troubled by the amount of grunt-work that needs to be done on even the smallest of projects. Things have changed - a lot.

Runtime Asset Loading with Closure

The last scene in Inception was rough for me. I'm a 'closure' kind of guy I guess... even in code.

Mitigating Migration Madness

For everyone with a Flex 3 project that wants to give Flex 4 some love; this post's for you.

All SDKs That Glitter Are Not Golden

Keeping an application properly 'tuned' can be tricky business... performance isn't a switch you flip just before you ship.

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