Melt Your Brain with Flash

SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Grant Skinner's colorgasm Flash visualization may lead to gratuitous brain stimulation and an infectious head-bob.

Five Ways to Connect Flash to Embedded Systems: EMBED

It's difficult for some to imagine just how far we've progressed in the world of technology. To put things in perspective, the devices we carry around in our pockets today out-perform, on an exponential scale, computers of the 60s, 70s, and even the 80s. Embedded systems came along for the ride and Flash is riding shotgun.

Five Ways to Connect Flash to Embedded Systems: HID

Want to flow data from an embedded system to Flash... I have an approach that is easy enough - kittens could do it. No joke - KITTENS!

Five Ways to Connect Flash to Embedded Systems: MIM

Getting Flash and an embedded system to talk to each other sounds really interesting right? …if it weren't for all the barriers that prevent it. The solution I have for you today is wrapped up in four little words: man-in-the-middle.

Five Ways to Connect Flash to Embedded Systems: WiFi

Let's discuss an easy-cheesy way to talk to microcontrollers from Flash... something that doesn't require a serial proxy and policy server. Sound good?

Five Ways to Connect Flash to Embedded Systems: AIR

Do you remember 7th grade... and that cute girl you sat behind in social studies? Yeah... the one you didn't have the guts to talk face-to-face to. All I can say, is that passing 'notes' saved your ham. Period.

Flash as the UI for Embedded Systems

Have you touched an embedded system today? Chances are you have... and you didn't even know it.

Flash Gets First Class Access to Microcontrollers via WiFi

Not a new topic you say? Microcontrollers with web / socket interfaces have been around for a while - but I haven't seen anyone connecting the dots in a a way that makes sense for general consumption by Flash, Flex, and AIR developers.

DataGrid + Lots o' Data + Sort = Flash Crash?

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...

Patching Eclipse Line Numbers / Breakpoints Bug

Are you having problems with line numbers not scrolling or breakpoints disappearing in Eclipse? I got a patch for you then...

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