Performance Statistics Without the Leak

About a month ago I was helping a friend pinpoint a memory leak in a Flex application. Remember Alice in Wonderland? Yes... the rabbit-hole goes deeper.

Creation Policy Smackdown

Code review is one of my least favorite activities... mostly due to the moments when I run across bits of ill-performing code that throw me into a fit of rage. Is it that hard to follow creation policy best practice? ...or to at least comment why you didn't?

Secrets of the Flex 4 SDK [cough]

Time to pull a McGyver - all we need is a paperclip, some scotch tape, a... scratch that. All we need is from the Flex 4 SDK.

Drive Multiple Views with a Single Data Source - Now With More XML!

I got an email this afternoon asking if you could use the same technique in my last post - but use XML as the data source. Of course you can! Here is an example with source that shows you how.

Drive Multiple Views with a Single Data Source

Have you ever found yourself taking a stream of data and chunking it out into multiple arrays or collections to drive multiple controls? You really don't have to... and I'll show you how.

Curiosities of the Crossdomain

James Ward just posted a very delicious bit on How Bad Crossdomain Policies Expose Protected Data to Malicious Applications. After fully digesting the post, I think that something more needs to be said about why we need a crossdomain in the first place.

Develop on a Mac? Use external monitors? ...Flashbuilder Choke-a-thon.

I like to wait a little while before I upgrade software... I've had too many experiences with 'apocalyptic bustage.' After the first patch to Snow Leopard and Flashbuilder hitting beta 2 - I thought the waters were safe. Famous last words...

A Deep Dive Into Browser Security

As a child I remember asking my Mom why the sky was blue and what was up with zebras and stripes. Now that I'm a little older... I often find myself wondering about a browsers support for JavaScript expression(...) and if DOM objects can be clobbered.

Timers in your app... there can be only one.

Really... you can have as many timers, setIntervals, or frame event handlers as you like in your app - but if you're into 'green' development a notification system can help you reduce, re-use, and recycle.

UI Responsiveness or Die!

Users are patient right? I's ok if after they click on something to throw up an indeterminate spinning cursor isn't it?

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