Flex Performance Re-Hash: The Elastic Racetrack

I believe that the "elastic racetrack" was coined by Ted Patrick of Adobe evangelism fame... and it does a fine job as a visual aid in explaining Flex application performance.

Say "Flex Rocket Wrap-up" 10X Fast

We had our Flex-driven water rocket youth activity tonight... with a few connection hiccups. After we got those smoothed out we kept em' launching until we ran out of light. Long live egg-shell foam!

Tour de Flex vs. SpatialKey - FIGHT!

As geeky as it sounds - I love data visualization and for me real-time data is all kinds of gravy. So, when I found out about the Tour de Flex Data Visualization contest over at Greg Wilson's Ramblings I was all over it.

Flex Rockets are Go!

Have Flex... will fly rockets.

Driving a Retro Gaming Frenzy With Flash

One of the huge hurdles in Flash gaming is that we're still tied to the keyboard to one degree or another. Sure, there are controllers that let you configure or bind keystrokes to various buttons on a gamepad... but what I'm talking about is being able to pick it up, plug it in, and play. You with me?

Adobe Flex and Water Rockets - Oh My!

Hello... my name is Rick Winscot and I'm the unofficial evangelist for extending and integrating the Adobe Flash, Flex, and AIR platforms with microcontrollers. This week - I'm all about processing water rocket telemetry in real time with Flex.

Why Your Momma Hates Augmented Reality - Part II

In my last post I touched on the hardware limitations / requirements of reality transfer. High quality capture devices are on the horizon but are probably still a few years off before everyone can have one in their lappy-top without setting fire to their Levis. Next up... disillusionment.

Why Your Momma Hates Augmented Reality - Part I

A few days ago Ryan Stewart posted an article entitled: Adobe on the Gartner Hype Cycle 2009. In it, there is graph that includes a variety of technologies on a continuum of discovery, exploration, experimentation, and adoption. You'll notice "Augmented Reality" nearing the peak of Inflated Expectations followed by the pit of despair Trough of Disillusionment.

Charles Proxy and Cairngorm Tweaks FTW!

Application initialization seems to be an all or nothing activity these days; I haven't seen a project for some time now that loads only what it needs when it needs it. typically network and machine speeds are zippy enough that you don't have to worry too much about this kind of thing... that is until...

Official Blessing from MaxMind on My GeoIP Wrapper

I received an email from MaxMind after posting Getting Your Geospatial Freak-on with MaxMind ...and my ActionScript wrapper for their JavaScript City Web Service has their official blessing.

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