Handy Hijinks with HID

In the world of hardware... peripherals / devices can be roughly lumped into four groups along a continuum that represents the amount of difficultly you might experience when trying to communicate with them from Flash...

Flash Builder 4 Unit Testing in Flex 3 Applications

Do you remember the cute Sesame Street skit about the child that needs to go to the store for a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread, and a stick of butter... how along the way the requirements got crazy and in the end the little boy reconciled his implementation using FlexUnit. Yeah... that one.

Debug-a-lugging in Flash Builder 4

So... I'm betting that David Zukerman would do an impression of 'Ask a Ninja' if we asked nicely. Perhaps with a topic of 'Why the New Debugging Tools in Flash Builder 4 are Like Apple Pies.' I'm just sayin'

Writing USB Drivers in ActionScript? Have I Lost My Giblets?

With a little creativity and a dash of HID you can package Flash, Flex, and AIR applications with some sweet hardware goodness.

Confessions of a Component Addict

Does browsing the samples at www.degrafa.org make you weak in the knees? Planning to name your next child or pet commitProperties? Experimentation leads to discovery, discovery leads to inspiration, and inspiration leads to more experimentation... a delicious cycle that can result in a dangerous addiction to which profiling is the only cure.

Flex Builder on Linux canned?

A blessing or curse? Here are five bytes to help you cope with the loss and pave the way for a better builder.

Fun With errorString

If you've ever worked with forms/user input in Flex... you've probably found yourself scratching your head once or twice with edge-case input validation.

Security Through Obscurity: can you hide swf files on your website?

I saw a Flexcoders post today where someone asked if they could hide a swf on website. I caught the post after a few had already replied - what this person was trying to do is restrict access to their swf files.


Every now and then something pops-up... that allows you to transcend the moment with something that speaks to your inner geek.

iPhone Power Solutions - Incase Power Slider vs Mophie Juice Pack

I'm not big into writing product reviews... and I hesitate to stray off topic in a Flex forum. Ok... here we go.

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