AIR URLMonitor Awesomeness

In my daily blogging expedition I ran across a nicely done / simple example of using the URLMonitor... but right away I noticed a few problems that might leave you scratching your head trying to figure out why the URLMonitor's eggs appear scrambled.

MAX SF 2008: Beauty in Chaos

It's been about a week now since I've been home... and am still having a difficult time digesting all that went on at MAX in San Francisco. The conference was touted as the 'largest gathering of developers and designers' in the history of the conference - which isn't hard to believe if you attended. One item I would like to share is a stiched-together picture of something I call "Mega Bored."

Adobe Flex 3 + AIR Certification

On the first day of MAX I ran across the announcement that Pearson VUE had an open certification lab in the Marriott. I said to myself... 'I ought to do that.' By mid-day the thought nagged me sufficiently to skip lunch and give it a go. For context - I've been developing in Flex/AIR for some time now and always wanted to take the test but changes in the test, addition of AIR, and the lawn gnomes (shudders) all gave me enough reason to wait...

Adobe Flash, Flex, and AIR Platform Reference

If you attended MAX in San Francisco you got a sweet Flash, Flex, and AIR Platform Reference in your goodie bag. For those who didn't attend... there is a pdf available.

Adobe AIR: Catalyst of Insanity

Well... maybe not insanity - but definitely frustration. The real crux in software development is keeping your 'bits' cruising along at attack speed; that is to say - keeping your application running and your users happy. The worst case scenario?

Flexbuilder 3.1 Update Released

Today began like any other day... I sat down to ROCK THE WORLD WITH FLEX and noticed that Adobe was pushing me an update for Flexbuilder; 3.1 to be exact. Puzzling... I didn't see any info about this and there are no changelogs to be found detailing what is in this update.

Creating a Scrolling Label Component

I received an email in response to my blog post on creating an image marquee component... "Could you do something similar with text?" - they asked.

Creating an Image Marquee Component

The real power behind Flex isn't in the base components... the real power is found in extending them.

Covariant Return Types in ActionScript

Implementing complex behaviors/relationships requires flexible structures/types to make things happen... which is where covariant return types come into play.

Is Your Flex on Fire?

Merapi is not just a volcano on the island of Java... it is a technology that bridges the AIR / Java gap.

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