Maker Shed is having a Raspberry Pi contest this week – which I stumbled on about three hours before the contest ended; talk about a deadline.

The first draft was ready within an hour and I began printing all the pieces. Introducing PiBOY… in the style of Pip-Boy.

We all know how long it takes to print stuff, so I was only able to submit screenshots of the initial design; my first complete print was done by early evening Saturday. I’ve revised twice since then and think I have the final enclosure ready for electronics.

I’m designing everything in Tinkercad – because awesome!

This wearable computer will be powered by a Raspberry Pi (model B) and will include a composite monitor, several buttons, a rotary encoder, nine-position switch, external speaker, Arduino Micro, Adafruit Ultimate GPS, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, vibration motors, and a geiger counter.

I’m going to print everything in gold PLA and will be designing a battery / microcontroller enclosure for the goggles. Goggles are done-done.

For the interface, I’ll be using the Arduino Micro as HID device to drive a web-based boostrap UI served-up from NodeJS. I’ll do my best to be faithful to the Pip-Boy design… retro nuka console controls!

If I have time… I’ll add the glove bits and a steampunk gas mask. I’ll have to do the laser rifle next month.