3D printing is a transformative technology… it is changing how everyone thinks about product design, development, and manufacturing. Some say that it’s the Next Industrial Revolution.

What makes 3D printing really special, is its ties to Open Source Hardware and Open Source Software; initiatives with massive communities that have dramatically accelerated refinements in hardware and software. Collective efforts of both communities continue to knock-down barriers to adoption… so much so, that 3D printing is now being seen as a viable consumer product.

It all started with the RepRap project… but I digress!

Here are some resources to get you started in 3D printing.

Remember, 3D printing can be as green as you want it to be… grind-up your scraps in this DIY Filament Extruder to complete the circle of plastic life!

One final plug… there is only one 3D printer out there that is FSF Certified, the Lulzbot TAZ. Just sayin’